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August 23, 2010 @ 03:54 PM

We now spend nearly 20% of our 14T dollar GDP on healthcare.....and it is failing.

Our over reliance and 'addiction' to fake food, synthetic chemicals, and excessive medication is literally killing.....and bankrupting us.

 As we have insidiously slid down this deadly downward spiral of more quasi-tested/multiple-side-effect drugs and toxic foods, the sick-care program has silently slid in and replaced any common sense health care that previously existed. This same disastrous, terminally-toxic end result is true as well for our environment. As we slowly awaken and become aware of what is  occurring, we must not only stop this precipitious decline, we must also look back and take steps to prevent such a perilous maelstrom from ever again engulfing us. "Not on my watch!" might well be our watch phrase as we take charge of our own well-being and that of this precious earth.

We must address and correct a system so broken and so hazardous to our health and the health of our planet, that if we do not do so immediatly, it will be too late.

Our health is ailing, both mentally and physically, and both our future as a healthy species and that on a healthy planet is at jeopardy.  We are AT the tipping point.  The Mayans may have been onto something.

New Medicine principles quickly restore health, happiness, and well-being while reducing or eliminating medications and surgeries thought to be necessary.....and at a FRACTION of the cost of traditional western synthetic sick-care.  

With $3 TRILLION dollars spent annually on healthcare in this country alone, imagine the savings if for just a few thousand dollars health could be restored and maintained indefinitely without the use of our costly current system.

With potentially $2TRILLION in savings, $1 TRILLION is available to support this new naturally based true HEALTHcare system and its representatives.

With this savings viewed as a 'detriment' or reduction to our 'growth' and US GDP,  it is being fought tooth and nail by the powers that be in the traditional system.  However, collapse is imminent.

The intertwined sick-care system and failing economy are quickly nearing the cliff and most likely will have some kind of implosion of sickness and medical bankruptcy in the not too distant future.  NMF believes that the failing healthcare industry is one of the key ingredients in the current economic depression.

Whether the failures are accepted now, which would be in all of our best interests, or 'kicked down the road' as is the most likely outcome, the return to naturally based healthcare and agribusiness is inevitable.  With scientific evidence for this necessity, New Medicine is becoming the beacon for efficient and effective healing and prevention.

We have no assets more valuable than our well-being, healthy food, and a balanced life and planet.

It is time to return to our 'source' and become at peace with our health, our earth, and our lives. Reclaim your health and experience the freedom of well-being.

Be health,


Dr Edward


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