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August 04, 2010 @ 05:11 PM

Anyone reading these articles is most likely in agreement that chronic diseases are increasing among our population at alarmingly epidemic rates.

Everything from childhood asthma to cancer should be included in these.  Cardiovascular disease, arthritis, asthma, osteoporosis, diabetes, and so on are illness of an inflammatory and thus accelerated degenerative nature that are not natural for our bodies nor programmed into our genetic code as the powers that be would like us to believe.

Auto-Immune disorders are not as readily obviously a part of this epidemic, but they most certainly are......and an IMBALANCED (confused) or INSUFFICIENT (deficient) immune system is a key part of most chronic illnesses.

The most obvious conditions described as purely auto-immune in nature include Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis, Scleroderma, Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthrits and Psoriasis, Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn's disease, and the list goes on.  From a New Medicine perspective, most chronic illness conditions of all body systems have a significant autoimmune component, but in these it is the Immune system itself that is the most affected body system.

These illnesses are experiencing an epidemic rise as well.  Childhood asthma and other conditions, Lupus, MS, and all others are experiencing a similar exponential rise.

The reasons behind this are complicated but very easily explained with the concepts and theories of New Medicine.

The number one problem with our environment and health currently is increasing toxicity. Everything from our agricultural, industrial, and even medical industries is based on new-to -nature synthetic chemicals which by definition are man-made molecular creations and viewed as unnatural and toxic to our bodies.

Many are carcinogens, mutagens, and neuro-endocrine disruptors.  Thus we experience damage to our DNA, hormone production, and an ever increasing number of potentially cancerous cells.

At the same time, both the resulting hormonal imbalance (toxic excesses and toxin created / food depleted deficiencies) mixed with our significant nutritional deficiencies creates an immune system that is very underpowered and often confused.

Now, whether or not the immune deficiency or confusion is most relevant in any given individual, what is happening in these illnesses is that our body's immunity begins to either recognize parts of our own self that do not look like us anymore and correctly mount a reponse (toxicity), or  our body begins to mount an incorrect response to our own tissues that are not damaged (confused immunity).  Whichever way our body responds, what results is an immune system attack on ourselves and an inflammatory and degenerative condition ensues.

In MS, the primarily attacked component is our neurologic system. In Lupus, a combination of our kidneys and other tissues are attacked, and in Scleroderma, our skin and connective tissue are affected. And in UC or Crohn's, our gastrointestinal tissues are involved, and on and on.  

However, IN ALL CHRONIC DEGENERATIVE CONDITIONS an immune system deficiency, confusion, or appropriate reaction to increasing toxicity and mutations is a key part of the inflammatory and illness process.  Lets not forget cardiovascular illness (heart attacks, strokes, and peripheral vascular disorders) and Alzheimer's in which the battle field is the brain!

NMF proposes that by detoxifying those toxins present, and educating the patient on the ongoing sources of toxicity, restoring balance to our hormonal systems, and replacing any key nutritional deficiencies the following can happen:

1.   Toxic induced DNA and tissue mutagens may be corrected and healed by natural processes.

2.   Balance and strength is restored to our immune system.


And in fact, this is exactly the results seen in most patients, and our theory would be that not only does a patient typically experience at minimum a 75% improvement / healing of their condition whether categorized as primarily auto-immune or other, but levels of antibodies commonly tested (anti-nuclear, anti-thyroid) commonly reduce significantly and often disappear completely.

NMF would report this 75-90% healing and improvement of ALL health conditions treated ~ from juvenile to elderly.

There is a small (2%) percentage of the genetic population that has extremely susceptible genes whose systems are at great risk early in life for these illness process, and traditional pharmaceutical management may be necessary and indicated.  In a way, they may have been dealt a poorer hand in genetic roulette.

And there are many currently and unfortunately that are too far gone by the time they are diagnosed and / or reach NMF care to be healed completely without synthetic intervention.  Thus, there is definitely a time and place for emergency / acute care western medicine.

But by far the majority of patients bodies undergo a truly paradigm changing/ healing experience when these principles are applied and NMF protocols followed.

We might argue that the only way to truly prevent the onslaught of chronic illnesses to include auto-immune illnesses is to undergo the NMF treatment protocols and education ~ truly PREVENTIVE PRIMARY HEALTHCARE ~  before the symptoms develop that are necessary for traditional doctors to find or attempt to diagnose the condition to begin with.

Auto-immune illnesses are but one more category of exponentially increasing chronic degenerative illnesses that can most often be prevented and / or reversed with NMF treatment protocols.

Best in health,


Dr Edward

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