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June 04, 2010 @ 06:21 PM

Creating the new standard in healthcare

Message from Founder
Edward Pearson, MD
Dear New Medicine Foundation Friends,

I invite you to embark on what will be a rewarding, purposeful and prosperous journey.  The Detoxification Network of America (DNA) was created through years of requests from people just like you whose lives were so improved or restored by this process that they were overwhelmed with the desire to share their experience with others.  Additionally, there were similar responses from those they shared it with, and we were inundated with requests to form what is becoming a 'Health Network,' a cutting edge organization where anyone can provide and share ongoing support, successes and benefits of the green, organic, healthy and happy lifestyle that is the New Medicine Foundation’s healing experience. With the support people are able to provide and with a growing involvement of more successful and experienced visionaries whom you will soon have the pleasure to meet and work with, we have been able to complete and plan the introduction of DNA.  DNA has a very noble mission which we believe is necessary for our very survival.  DNA will provide a unique financial opportunity along with the healing experience that will be a new purpose for humanity. This new purpose refocuses everyone on the true meaning of life:  enjoyment of family and friends, happiness, health, coexistence with our planet, healthy living and prosperity.

America and nations around the world are experiencing very troubling times. It is apparent that health, prosperity and quality of life are in grave jeopardy.  DNA believes it is our failing healthcare system and health information that is at the heart of this crisis. Without world health there cannot be world peace.  With worsening health comes a decreased quality of life and increased dependence on artificial 'life support' medications.  This is becoming more obvious now at earlier and earlier ages.  DNA will provide a solution to our current problems. It is well known that the globally accepted 'American' system of drug and surgery based symptom control is failing to prevent chronic illnesses... diseases which are this century’s epidemics.  Current science and data prove how quickly and naturally the New Medicine experience can restore health and happiness to members at the cellular, biochemical and genetic level. This mission will quickly provide new life, vision, and hope. With the exciting financial opportunity of DNA membership, the stage is set to provide our vision of natural health solutions.

DNA is here to provide a new purpose to bring us together again and provide a life transforming experience that is easy, enjoyable and efficient. DNA's mission is to help others regain their health and happiness and reduce the need for medications and their reliance upon toxic medications and chemicals. We will learn again how to live as one with nature...providing a greener and brighter future for ourselves and our children.  Now is the time to join DNA, share it with others, and help reverse our current global crisis.

Once again, thank you for your trust and commitment to healthy living. I invite you to join DNA in its mission and be among the first to enroll, grow and prosper with us.

Best in health,

Dr. Edward Pearson

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