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December 11, 2009 @ 04:01 PM

Do you ever wonder why everyone has some kind of illness?  Why there are so many sick people in the world, and a pill for everything? Why humans in general don't seem very happy anymore?  There is too much obesity, depression, tiredness, and death.

We have the internet, the space shuttle, nuclear weapons, and phones that tell us where we are and connect us with anyone on the planet..............but our health is getting worse.

What is going on?  Is it really that our genetics have turned against us?  That we are all PROGRAMMED for illness?  GENETIC MUTANY?

The truth is most Diagnosis really don't exist.   Most medical conditions are simply labels for different ways people feel, symptoms they have.  

But that's the way the medical system makes money.  Give you a label, code it, bill for it, and prescribe you a synthetic and expensive medication to artificially remove the symptoms.......for a while.

In reality these conditions really don't exist!  Think about that for a second.......

Heart disease is just a label for a combination of nutrient deficiencies, toxicities, and hormonal imbalances that CREATE sick arteries that become inflamed, degenerate, and clog.   

Strokes are similar.

Cancer is the result of progressive and repeated attacks on our DNA by mutagenic toxins and chemicals, in combination with similar nutrient and hormone deficiencies that weaken our natural ability to control the cancerous cells.

Alzheimer's disease is inflammation in the brain guessed it toxic inflammatory reactions in combination with hormone and nutrient deficiencies.

Arthritis and bowel problems are inflammatory in joints and the GI system.

And on, and on.......

So while we label everyone and celebrate the 'discovery' of new labels and new drugs that keep people alive for a while, the human race is actually getting sicker.

New Medicine simply uncovers these biochemical imbalances and corrects them.

Toxins are removed.

Nutritional deficiencies are replaced.

Hormonal imbalances are corrected.


The body is allowed to heal.  Symptoms disappear.  Illness never happens.  The labels don't exist.

Discover how to be naturally today.  Don't wait for another label, another medication, another specialist.

Be Health,

Dr Edward

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