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November 18, 2009 @ 11:36 PM

The New Medicine Foundation healX Healthcare module for Health Practitioners

This is a Healing Movement and Income Opportunity for Natural Healthcare Practitioners

Join our mission to create the new standard in healthcare.

The New Medicine Foundation (NMF) invites forward thinking health practitioners to join Helx in its quest to provide the New Standard of Health. We are looking to rapidly expand New Medicine treatment to patients searching for Organic Health. With the increased number of parents and loved ones dying from Stroke, Heart Disease, Cancer and other health problems now is the time to launch New Medicine to the world.


  • $2995 Initiation Fee: Mandatory NMF treatment / Educational Program for member. (CellCenter Detoxification Kit and Biochemistry Panels) Completion of the program is required to understand it, to answer questions about it and to promote it.
  • Monthly Membership fee $295 or Yearly $2995


  • Increase your INCOME INSTANTLY. They are your patients. You collect the profit.
  • Host one health talks with NMF material and results information.
  • Increase office visits. While on program adjust minimum 1-2 times per week, due to rapid re-sizing and biomechanical changes.
  • Expand your ability to help patients. Learn to read labs and accurately balance hormones the New Medicine way.
  • No interference with your busy office.
  • Attract new patients - Let’s face it weight loss is the main attraction, but getting healthy is the end result.
  • Help fix our crumbling medical system. No other Organic Medical Program Available.
  • Training course and unlimited continuing education. provided by NMF Doctor: Dr. Edward Pearson, MD, ABIHM to teach how to prescribe and evaluate labs the “New Medicine Way” patient by patient.
  • Additional profit available through sales of NMF approved PureCell Brand Nutrient Replacements


  • Brochures, New Medicine Paperwork (Intake forms and laboratory forms) , assistance in setup with saliva testing lab and local blood labs.
  • Share the information with your patients. The patient fills out paperwork and you the ordering Physician prescribe labs
  • Fax information to NMF Headquarters
  • NMF Doctor prescribes Detoxification Kit and Bio Identical Compounding Pharmacy Prescriptions Patients pays you  directly or patient insurance may be billed for office visits and Lab evaluation.
  • This fee covers: weekly weigh-in at your clinic, Lab Evaluation reported by you to your patient and patient support through the entire program for success.
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