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February 21, 2014 @ 12:14 PM
Q.     Hello Doc, I am due for a preventative mammogram. I am interested in finding out how effective a thermal scan and sonogram would be in detecting cancers or concerns. I am very much not interested in any more radiation after having so much in a short time in the past, none for cancer. Please advise. Thank you. Cheryl, USA

A.     Dear Cheryl, We highly prefer self-breast exams ( looking for new, non tender, hard nodules ) as a first choice, then thermograms followed by ultrasounds. We are not a fan of mammograms. Radiating any part of the body makes ZERO medical sense in regards to cancers, as radiation is a known carcinogen.

Of course, the KEYS to PREVENTING breast and any kind of cancer for that matter, is uncovering the underlying toxic / carcinogenic build up that turns on cancer genes, as well as the biochemical ( hormonal and nutritional ) imbalances that lead to a weakened health / immune and pro-inflammatory state. CORRECTING these imbalances and conditions efficiently while receiving the education to remain healthy and cancer free for LIFE is what the New Medicine Foundation is all about. Welcome to the club!

Hope this helps. Eat well :) Dr. Pearson


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