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December 19, 2013 @ 12:24 PM
Q.    Dear Donna, I seem to get a pain on my left side where my ribs are after I eat, under my breast.  It is just sometimes now. I did have it all the time but I believe this Ferox Aloe drink that I have been taking is fixing the problem. I also believe this is a digestive issue. I once thought it was from wheat or gluten but now I have eaten something that has no gluten or wheat in it and I get the pain.  It is a very dull and achy kind of pain.  I think it is digestion.  Also when I take digestive enzymes it seems to help.  I would love to hear what the Dr. thinks.?  B.L., USA
A.  Thats the stomach, and yes sounds like she is not digesting her foods well, and aloe and enzymes would help that.  Our PureCell PureZyme has a nice blend of vegan sourced enzymes. Apple cider vinegar can help as well, actually adding EXTRA acid to help the stomach digest food.  
Detoxifying the system, rebalancing the gut with a high strength probiotic such as our PureCell brand Max Defense followed by Max Defense Daily, and then following the healthy living guidelines taught during our treatment programs is the key.   Our bodies simply don’t like the lifestyles and diets we have exposed them to over the years, and tell us when it's time to get back on a healthy track.
Beyond that, we often do further GI testing to see if there are other issues at cause such as infections or other maladies, which are common and easily corrected as well.

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